Below are basic protocols in order for us to mutually enjoy our time together and make the most of it!

Be Graceful

Under no circumstances do I tolerate disrespect. Safety is of the upmost importance. Respect my boundaries. If at anytime I feel unsafe or disrespected the session ends and no refund will be given.

Health is wealth

If you’ve felt sick within the past week, do not book a session. If you appear sick when entering my space you will be asked to leave and will be blacklisted.

Hygiene is our best friend

I am always sure to be fresh and well groomed. I provide towels, mints and anything else you might need to feel your best. I ask that you take a few moments when entering my space to quickly freshen up. I completely sanitize my temple before and after each experience.


Be as private and quiet as possible when entering my space.

Respect my time

I am always sure to be on time. I understand things happen, life gets in the way however communication is key. If you are unable to make our time together, a 2 hour notice is needed to stay in my good grace.